Weight Loss Program

The ShiftSetGo Lifestyle

Predictable. Repeatable. Measurable. Life-changingesultThe ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Method is an evidence-based, medically designed protocol containing two key components – Lifestyle Building and Lifestyle Living. Through a partial meal replacement protocol and ongoing education, we assist participants and their families in maintaining their results beyond reaching their objective.

Body Sculpting

NEW! Embody Sculpt

EmBody Sculpt uses high Intensity, focused, electromagnetic energy in order to sculpt the body. It’s a great way to gain muscle and change the shape of your buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, arms or legs!

This is a painless procedure with zero down time, absolutely no need for anesthesia. Completely non-invasive and you see results as quickly as 3-4 weeks after finishing your 4th session

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy offers your body gentle healing as well as body fat reduction! You can relax in our spa like treatment room during your session and let our Red Light Therapy Machine do all the work! It’s completely non-invasive and safe with no down time!


Ulta Wellness

Curious about what might be holding you back from losing weight faster? We are working with Ulta Wellness to offer affordable basic blood tests as well as advanced blood tests! Basic Test checks 64 biomarkers and the Advanced Test checks 82 biomarkers.