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Curious about what might be holding you back from losing weight faster? We are working with Ulta Wellness to offer affordable basic blood tests as well as advanced blood tests! Basic Test checks 64 biomarkers and the Advanced Test checks 82 biomarkers.


“I am SO proud of myself…”

What brought me to Ideal Lifestyle was my need to have a more structured weight loss program. I did my research and decided on Ideal Lifestyle because they offered the structure, coaching, and accountability I needed plus they are local! I did have some concerns about the cost of the program but I decided to invest in my own health! Another concern I had was that I would be really hungry all the time but I wasn’t if anything it felt like I was eating MORE food than I was before I started! I really enjoyed having weekly coaching sessions when I came in to see my progress, I could ask them all my questions and received helpful answers every time. I highly recommend the Red Light Therapy services in unison with the ShiftSetGo program! *Red light therapy helps your skin to produce more collagen and when you are losing weight your skin tends to get loose and saggy so this really helps your body reduce that issue.*
Some of the side effects that I noticed as I lost weight were; Significant reduction in pain in my knees and back, reduction in my stress level, and I am able to exercise regularly without any issues(my hubby has trouble keeping up now!). Also, the appearance of my skin has improved greatly!
“I am so proud of myself for sticking with the program (ShiftSetGo)! I am almost ready to start the “Set” portion (easing into maintenance with coach support for life). It’s been an AMAZING journey and I cannot wait to see where it leads!”
Robin M.
ShiftSetGo and Red Light Therapy client
Total weight loss 100 pounds
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